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Lizzie’s Postcard Hunt

Here are the locations of all 20 postcards and how to reach them.

As found by Ken Duisenberg, host of Ken's Puzzle of the Week.  Feel free to email any comments or requests for clarification.


Radiator Springs

  1. Next to Flo’s Café sign and Mack.
  2. Behind Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, on some crates.  Start behind Lizzie’s.  Get a lot of speed to hit the ramp and do control-stick jump as you leave the ramp.  This is more easily done with some Boost, but it’s not necessary.
  3. On top of Ramone’s House of Body Art.  Head to the rear of the building and go up the ramp.
  4. Glen Rio Motel.  Across from Mater's yard.  One building is close to the road.  Head behind it to the building on the left.  The postcard is in the first alcove.
  5. Radiator Springs Drive-In Theater, to the right of the entrance, on an embankment.  Head out the rear of the Drive-In and go right around the rocks onto a dirt road.  This will lead you to the outside of the theater fence.  Get a little speed so you can jump onto the ledge (60 mph is enough.)  Be sure to face the postcard as you jump, or you may go sailing past it.
  6. Above the south ravine, behind the fence.  South of the town there is a two-lane paved road that runs in a long turn.  South of the road is a fence of posts and two rails.  Get on the other side of the fence at the northern-most end.  Stay close to the fence to get the postcard.
  7. North of Sarge’s Boot Camp (the large green-fenced area.)  The postcard is on the south side of the ravine near the fence, just east of the large pile of rocks.  You can see it from the north side of the ravine, east of the cement bridge.  You’ll have to jump over the big ravine from the north.  This is most easily done with lots of Boost, but it’s not necessary.  Don’t jump at the broken bridge, as that will keep you on the wrong side of the rocks.
  8. Under the cement bridge at the end of the big ravine, just north of Sarge’s Boot Camp.  Either fall in or drive all the way down the big ravine to the cement bridge.
  9. Up in the rocks.  Northeast of the town.  I found the access by driving up the big ravine to the end and taking the right exit.  Then immediately go straight instead of bearing right with the dirt road.  This takes you to an orange&white barrier to jump over and follow the road east for a while to a T.  (Heading right leads to a dead end with a 2000 bonus point marker.)  Head left up the mountain.  You will need LOTS of boost to make the two long jumps ahead, and if you don’t make it, you’re placed back on the mountain to try again.  After the second jump, be ready to hit the brakes when you land.  Head right/west to the postcard.  This postcard is visible from the ground, just south of the arrow-like hood ornament that points west in Willie's Butte.  (Heading left/east after the second jump leads to switchbacks down the rocks to another 2000 bonus point marker.)
  10. Table top A.  Start at the marker for "Doc's Lesson: Powerslide" (northeast of Sarge's Boot Camp.)  Take that dirt road east down into the valley.  The road makes a right turn to the south and back to the east.  At that point, bear left into the dirt and head northeast onto a dirt road that leads north, up to the table-like mountains.  Two quick jumps and you’re on the top of one.  From here, you can see two postcards to the north.  Make a third jump east.  Then corkscrew down to the right to find a postcard.
  11. Table Top B. Three quick jumps west from the bottom of the corkscrew leads to a second postcard.  Jump north past the 2000 bonus points to get down.
  12. Table Top C.  Return to the Table Top A second jump.  On the southeast side is a small ramp.  If you drive up to the edge, you can see a postcard down below on a table-top mountain.  Make a slow (60 mph or so) jump and you’ll land on the same table-top.


Ornament Valley

  1. Two Water Towers.  Where the two train tracks meet at two water towers, there’s an entrance across the road into several fenced fields.  Follow the faded path first left, then around to the right.  Use the cart to jump once, then follow the bonus points back left to the envelope on the ledge.
  2. Under cement bridge.  From the Two Water Towers head south, uphill, and bear right onto the dark brown dirt road.  This will head right and then left under the cement bridge to the postcard.


Tailfin Pass

  1. Wheel Well Motel, inside.  From the intersection at the top of all roads, cross the wood-framed bridge and stay on the paved road.  The hotel will be on the left eventually.
  2. Cliffside by bridge, southwest of gorge.  After crossing the bridge (same one to Wheel Well), take an immediate left onto a gray dirt road.  There’s a long drop on your left.  There are two Boost-requiring jumps.  This then leads to a wide area and a ramp down to the postcard.  You have to retrace your path to get out.
  3. Behind the Waterfall.  From the bridge intersection, head downhill (exiting the bridge, turn left).  After several turns, there’s a ledge on the right you can jump to.  Jump on it and take the right dirt road, hugging the cliff face until you’re behind the waterfall at the postcard.
  4. Above Tailfin Pass tunnel.  From “Behind the Waterfall”, continue along the cliff face.  There’s one jump to make.  At the end is a postcard in view of the Radiator-Cap mountain of Radiator Springs.  Head downhill from the postcard to find yourself at the tunnel.
  5. Lower Mine.  From the race with the Road Hazards, you should know a bit of the mine.  Enter at the lower entrance as in the race.  Take the first right (follow the bonus points) onto the raised-wooden track.  At the second lantern, head left through the boards to find a postcard.  If you miss the right turn, you’ll see the postcard through a hole on your right, which you also can drive through.
  6. Upper Mine.  Continuing up through the mine, after going through a large room and a hairpin-left turn, there is a small ramp on the left of the passage.  Use it to jump onto the raised wooden path.  Stay on the raised path to the end for the postcard.

Points Plateau – jump the dead tree at the bridge intersection and jump twice more, using full 3-Boost power to land on a plateau that has lots of bonus points.


If there are more areas I could document, let me know.

I've played this game for Gamecube.  I think I've seen it advertised for Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox and PCs.

Most data gathered in August, 2006.  Last edits: March 20, 2007.

Some of my descriptions may be confusing.  I don't mind modifying them.  Feel free to send comments to Ken Duisenberg.


A walkthru really isn't needed for this game.  Each task that hasn't been completed is indicated by a white dot on the mini-map.  Head towards it and you'll be find the "next thing". 

A few hints and tricks:

Events and what you get for each are in the table below, roughly in order.  RS=Radiator Springs, OV=Ornament Valley (east of RS), TP=Tailfin Pass (west and north of RS).
Most races must be finished in the top 3 to get any winnings.  Some have to be finished in first place.  Piston Cup races don't let you use Powerslide or Boost; you can jump but it's not usually useful.  You can also use the map to find these events.  The map is also handy for summarizing how many trophies you've achieved in each event.  Although you don't have to play all the minigames and races to unlock events, you will need a minimum number of trophies for Piston Cup races, so you may have to play a few.

Event   Location Notes Winnings (Unlocked Events and Trophies)
Chapter 1       (73 trophies)
Radiator Springs Grand Prix RS Cozy Cone Motel Race Radiator Cap Circuit, Lizzie's Postcard Hunt, 5/3/2 Trophies
Ramone's House of Body Art RS Ramone's, near Mack    
Radiator Cap Circuit RS Flo's, near Mack Race Sally's Sunshine Circuit, Tractor Tipping, 5/3/2 Trophies
Lizzie's Postcard Hunt RS Lizzie's, near Mack Minigame - Find all 20 postcards in RS, OV, TP 1 trophy per postcard found, Lizzy's Ending after all 20.
Sally's Sunshine Circuit RS Cozy Cone Motel Race as Sally Doc's Lesson: Powerslide , 5/3/2 Trophies
Tractor Tipping RS Mater's yard Minigame 1/1/2/2/3/3/4/4 trophies for the eight levels. (20 total)
Doc's Lesson: Powerslide RS Willy's Butte Training Doc's Challenge, 3/2/1 trophies for times of 1:04/1:06/1:11
Doc's Challenge RS Willy's Butte Race (goes through Sarge's Boot Camp) Palm Mile Speedway, 5 trophies for first place
Palm Mile Speedway RS Mack, by Flo's Piston Cup Race.  Hitting cars from the rear or hitting the wall slows you down.  Hitting cars from the side does not.  Start turns early, and try staying low (left) in turns, even using Off-Track as needed. When your tire meter turns yellow, prepare to hit the Pit Stop button. Boostin' with Fillmore, Luigi to the Rescue, 10/6/4 trophies
Guido's Pit Stop   (Piston Cup Races) Hit buttons quickly, don't wait for highlighting. Not sure. Improvement in position?
Chapter 2       (55 trophies)
Luigi to the Rescue RS Luigi's Casa Della Tires Minigame to find tires.  You can jump, not boost or powerslide.  Expect to play some levels many times. 1/1/2/2/3/3/4/4 trophies for the eight levels. (20)
Boostin' with Fillmore RS Fillmore's Boost Training Race Boost 1 of 3, North Desert Dash, Sarge's Boot Camp, 5/3/2 trophies
North Desert Dash RS Flo's Race 5/3/2 trophies
Sarge's Boot Camp RS Sarge's Boot Camp Jump Training levels 1/2/3, timed Sarge's Off-Road Challenge after level 1, 2/3/5 trophies (10)
Sarge's Off-Road Challenge RS Sarge's Boot Camp Jump Race, (goes through Sarge's Boot Camp) Motor Speedway of the South, 5/3/2 trophies
Motor Speedway of the South RS Mack, by Flo's Piston Cup Race Mater's Backwards Lesson, Sheriff's Chase, 10/6/4 trophies
Chapter 3       (47 trophies)
Mater's Backwards Lesson RS Mater's yard Backwards Training 5 trophies
Sheriff's Chase RS East of Town Race at night in both RS and OV - must win Ornament Valley (OV), Sheriff's Hot Pursuit, Rustbucket Race-O-Rama, 5 Trophies
Sheriff's Hot Pursuit RS East of Town Minigame Chase-Race levels 1/2/3/4/5. Most speeders go on the main street at some point, so you can wait for them to appear.  The closer you follow, the sooner you catch them. 2/3/3/4/5 Trophies for the five levels (17)
Rustbucket Race-O-Rama OV Rustbucket Stadium Figure-8 race as Mater.  Use boost and jump often. Boost 2 of 3, Ornament Valley Circuit, 5/3/2 Trophies
Ornament Valley Circuit OV OV Gas Station Race Sun Valley International Raceway , 5/3/2 Trophies
Sun Valley International RS Mack, by Flo's Piston Cup Race. This was hardest due to the last tight turn.  I found slowing to less than 180 helped. Sally's Wheel Well Sprint, Doc's Check-Up, 10/6/4 trophies
Chapter 4       (50 trophies)
Sally's Wheel Well Sprint RS Cozy Cone Motel Race from RS through TP to Wheel Well.  Must win. Tailfin Pass (TP), Tailfin Pass Circuit, Monster Truck Mayhem, Delinquent Road Hazards, 5 Trophies
Doc's Check-Up RS Doc's Clinic Race 5/3/2 trophies
Tailfin Pass Circuit TP Wheel Well Motel Race 5/3/2 trophies
Delinquent Road Hazards TP TP Intersection Race thru TP and mine tunnels Boost 3 of 3, Chick's Challenge, 5/3/2 Trophies
Monster Truck Mayhem OV Rustbucket Stadium Or start from Luigi's in RS.  Double oval track. 5/3/2 trophies
Chick's Challenge OV OV Gas Station Race around OV - must win. High Speed Heist , 5/3/2 trophies
High Speed Heist RS Flo's Minigame with traffic as Road Hazards to steal Lighting's stuff from Mack, timed. Lightning Strikes Back, 5 trophies
Lightning Strikes Back OV OV Gas Station Minigame against traffic as Lighting to get stuff back, timed.  No boost available. Smasherville International Speedway, 5 trophies
Smasherville International RS Mack, by Flo's Piston Cup Race, must win Radiator Springs Grand Prix, 10/6/4 trophies
Chapter 5       (25 trophies)
Radiator Springs Grand Prix RS Flo's Race through RS against Chick Tailfin Pass Grand Prix, 5/3/2 trophies
Tailfin Pass Grand Prix TP Wheel Well Motel Race down the TP mountain, through the mine, against Chick Ornament Valley Grand Prix, 5/3/2 trophies
Ornament Valley Grand Prix OV OV Gas Station Race through OV and some of RS against Chick Los Angeles International Speedway, 5/3/2 trophies
Los Angeles International RS Mack, by Flo's Piston Cup Race, must win to finish story Piston Cup Champion, 10/6/4 trophies

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