A module of instruction for teaching project management skills to high school students.
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The goal of the Mission: Project Management (MPM) team is to provide teachers and students with a set of resources to help them plan and implement their projects. Drawing upon the project-planning experience of Hewlett-Packard employees and the teaching experience of high school teachers from Roseville, California, the team has created a simple set of tools to help student teams and individuals meet their project goals.

The documentation includes:

The documentation can be downloaded in the following formats:
MPM Documentation, Adobe Acrobat file (.PDF) (If you need to, Get Acrobat Reader.)

Rhonena Hoyet's research paper, showing the effectiveness of Mission: Project Management in the classroom. The section on "Findings" showing the remarkable increase in grades and grade satisfaction is particularly good data.

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding this curriculum, please email the Mission: Project Management team at MPM_Team@rose.hp.com.

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