Balancing Rods

You are given a set of N rods of lengths 1 to N. Each rod weighs a number of ounces equal to its length (i.e. the rod of length 4 weighs 4 ounces.) A small [weightless] loop is attached to the end of each rod, letting it either support or hang from another rod. A small loop is also suspended from the ceiling. Build a mobile out of the rods, trying to maximize:
  1. the longest horizontal distance from the original loop.
  2. the horizontal distance from the furthest left to the furthest right point on the mobile.
Solve for N ranging from 1 to 6. What are the resulting distances in each case?

For example, I believe the following arrangement solves both questions above for N=4. (I'll let you determine the distances.)


Source: Original. I've limited N to 6 to keep the problem simple to approach, but I'd be happy to accept and publish results for higher N.

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