1010101 to 950

Take 1010101 and rearrange it to represent 950

Source: Unknown, submitted by reader Shumma Smithee.

Solutions were received from: Alan O'Donnell, Susan Hoover, Denis Borris, and Paul Botham.

Three different solutions were received. All have merit, though I think the first is likely the intended solution.

  1. Move the last "1" to a horizontal position over the second "1", thus creating "10 TO 10", or 9:50.
  2. Rearrange all the characters to make "1000 - L". With L representing 50 in Roman Numerals, this would become 950.
  3. Create "1001", "101", and "" (nothing) and change the binary to decimal to make "9", "5" and "0".

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