Maximum Cross-Sums

This year's Puzzle Design Tournament is over, and we're still waiting to compile the results.  In the meantime, I'd like to provide the puzzle I submitted, to see if anyone in the larger internet crowd can beat the submissions found during the tournament.

In each cell of a 7x7 grid, place a digit from 1 to 9 or a black square.  Numbers are formed by adjacent digits, horizontally or vertically.  Each digit may be used only once within a number, and the sum of the digits in each number must be unique (different from each other).  Maximize the score of: (Sum of all digits) + (Every appearance of a full set of 1-9)x10.

The original puzzle, with an example, can be seen at the PDT site:
Here's the URL directly to the PDF file (puzzle 14):

Source: Original, submitted to the 2005 Puzzle Design Tournament.

Solutions were received from Kirk Bresniker, Denis Borris and Joseph DeVincentis.  The Tournament results should be posted by August 6, 2005.  The best answer outside the tournament so far is from Joseph DeVincentis:

sum of 286 + 20 for two sets of 1 to 9 = 306 total.

The best tournament answer was a little higher.  Once it's published, I'll add it here.

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