Three Fractions

a/bc + d/ef + g/hi = 1

Each of three fractions has a one-digit numerator and a two-digit denominator. The three fractions together add up to one. Place the nine digits 1-9 into the fractions to make the equation correct.

Source: Nob Yoshigahara, c/o Scot Morris in OMNI, April 1994. Used as Ken's POTD 4/14/94.


There is only one answer: 5/34 + 7/68 + 9/12 = 1.

Solvers (that I know about):
Becky Fabie-Albert
Eric Tunison
Ed Wirtz
Denis Borris
Bill Chapp

Denis Borris also solved the problem with the assumption that the denominators were actually the product of two single-digit numbers:

1/(3*6) + 5/(8*9) + 7/(2*4) = 1

I do not know if this is a unique solution for this interpretation.

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