Cube Calendar

I have made a desk calendar out of six blocks. Each block has six faces. When read from left to right, they tell: What are the symbols (letter or number) on each face of each block?

Extra: What are the symbols if the month is shown in upper-case?

Source: Internet newsgroup rec.puzzles, with original additions. Used as Ken's POTD 2/17/94.

Obviously, there are not enough sides to support all the letters and numbers, but since this is a physical problem, we can rotate or invert the blocks and get a new letter or number. Several people figured this out. Some of their solutions are shown below. I hope someone might enjoy making a set of these for themselves!

1st Cube:  M(W), Tu, Th, F, Sa, Su
2nd Cube:  0,1,2,3,7,8
3rd Cube:  0,1,2,4,5,6(9)
4th Cube:  j,g,p(d),m,f,o
5Th Cube:  a,n(u),b,c,s,v
6th Cube:  n(u),l,r,y,e,t
Ed Wirtz
Weekday cube: M/W  Tu Th  F  Sa Su
Date cube 1 :  0   1  2   3   4  5
Date cube 2 :  0   1  2  6/9  7  8
Month cube 1:  j   e  y   g   o  r
Month cube 2:  a   f  u   v   c  s
Month cube 3: n/u  m  b  p/d  t  l
Bill Chapp
1st Cube:  M/W Tu Th F Sa Su
2nd Cube:  0 1 2 3 4 5
3rd Cube:  0 1 2 7 8 6/9
4th Cube:  f g j m o p/d
5Th Cube:  a e t l v u/n
6th Cube:  b r s c y n/u
Kenny Wright
1st Cube:  M/W Tu Th F Sa Su
2nd Cube:  0 1 2 3 4 5
3rd Cube:  0 1 2 7 8 6/9
4th Cube:  f g j m o p/d
5Th Cube:  a b c l s u/n
6th Cube:  e r v t y n/u
(Ken Duisenberg)

For the upper-case solution, the solutions I received either said it could not be done, or they pointed out that the characters have to be warped slightly to solve the problem. For example, from Bill Chapp:

OK, I've got the upper-case solution, too.  We let the C rotate 90
degrees to become a U, and we allow the months JVN and JVL (OK, it's
weak, but it's all I could get to work).

Month cube 1: J  E  R  Y  G  O
Month cube 2: A  F U/V S  T  D
Month cube 3: N  B  M  P U/C L
I (Ken) chose to make a warped T/Y combination, instead:
Month cube 1: J  F  M  P  V  U/C
Month cube 2: A  B  D  O  S  U
Month cube 3: E  G  L  N  R  T/Y

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