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Dominoes Again
Like the earlier problems, Domino Magic Square and More Dominoes, this problem asks you to create a magic square. From a regular set of dominoes, remove all blanks, 5's and 6's, leaving 1-1, 1-2, ..., 4-4, 10 dominoes in all. Remove two dominoes of your choice and arrange the remaining 8 dominoes in a 4x4 grid, such that the sum of the dots in each row, column, and major diagonal is the same. Which dominoes can be removed?

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Solution received from Jon Abraham:
The pair set aside must have a number of spots X such that the quantity 50-X is divisible by four. A Sum=10 solution, setting aside the 2-2 and the 3-3, and a Sum=9 solution, setting aside the 3-3 and 4-4. A Sum=11 solution can be found by substituting (5-i) for every (i) in the Sum=9.
4-1 3-2
1-1 4-4
3-4 2-1
2-4 1-3
2-2 2-3
1-2 2-4
3-1 4-1
3-4 1-1
I know more exist. Anyone care to add to the solutions?
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