Deterministic Checkers

In checkers, can you find or create a position from which, if white moves correctly, the remaining moves must result in white's win? This doesn't necessarily mean that each player only has one possible move, just that any possible move leads to white's win.
  1. Try to maximize the number of remaining moves in the game.
  2. Try to maximize the number of pieces removed in the rest of the game. (This could be the same solution as the previous question.)
  3. Try to maximize the number of white pieces removed in the rest of the game. (Again, this could be the same.)
To make solutions similar, assume the opposing color is red, as at the following site for the rules of checkers.

In an unrelated question, what is the maximum number of checkers which can be left on the board at the end of a standard game?

Summary of particular rules: All jumps must be taken. If multiple choices for jumps exist, any can be chosen, but all pieces in the jump must be taken (you can't stop in the middle of a multiple jump.) A checker being crowned in the King's row ends that move. The game is lost when you either can't move or lose all your checkers.

Source: Original, based on this similar problem in the June 1998 Games magazine, Page 63, John R. Gibson:
White to move and win.

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