Sites referring to my Puzzle of the Week

Yahoo's list of Puzzles of the Week
Black Stump Puzzle Page
Black Stump's Daily Fun (as "Puzzle")
Ed Pegg's Math Puzzle Page
Knot a Braid of [Math] Links, Link #174.
J. Marcus Ziegler's Search Page
University of Louisville's "Reason Mathematically"
Math Forum's list of Puzzles of the Week
Math Forum Internet News, V4.1
Stephen Sproule's lists of Problems of the Week
Cardigan Secondary School's list of Math Links
Treebeard's Stumpers
Dijit Consulting's Puzzle page
Christian Eggermont's list of Puzzle Pages
James Loughlin Lunt's Homepage (It's hidden as THESE...)
Study Web - Math Puzzles and Problems
The Big List of Puzzle and Riddle Pages
Primes Puzzles - Puzzle Links
Glenn Rhoads' List of links
Adlai Waksman's Page of links
Math Forum's list of Math sites
Web Guide - Mathematical Puzzles
Mathematics Resources by Bruno Kevius
Rob's Puzzle pages archive
Geometric Dissections on the Web
Les Reid's Home Page
Michael D. Creations
Pamelot, a School of Dance
Please let me know if you find other sites that reference this one.