Ken's Puzzle Links

These are a few of the interesting puzzle sites I've found.

Ken Duisenberg's Puzzle of the Week
Ed Pegg, Jr.'s Math Puzzle of the Week
Puzzle Picnic
Sam Loyd's Puzzles (site by Tony Fatseas)
Puzzle Forum
Dan's Problem of the Week at
Justin's Puzzles
Wei-Hwa Huang's Puzzle Gadget
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Forsmarts Puzzles (biweekly puzzle competition)
Robert Abbott's Logic Mazes
Emerehan Halici's PuzzleUp Puzzles
PQRST Puzzle Competition (Cihan Altay's quarterly puzzle competition)
Puzzle Design Tournament (Cihan's yearly competition)
IBM's Ponder This
Turkzeka Puzzles
Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov
Brainteasers Network by Brent Guild
DapaMesa Puzzles
Terry Stickels' Puzzles
Conceptis Logic Puzzles
JŠn Adamovic's Brainteasers
Shepherd College's Problem of the Week
Southwest Missouri State University's Problem Corner
Andrea Gilbert's ClickMazes (very nice interactive mazes)
Brain teasers by Barry R. Clarke
Nick Hobson's Mathematical Puzzles
World of CryptoPics - Nonograms/Griddlers information and downloads
Dave Ellis's Puzzlets
Interactive Crosswords and Puzzles (with a good links page)
Internet Puzzle Solver's Test (Russia)
David Rock's Problem of the Week at Columbus State University
Lloyd King's Creative Puzzles
Everett Kaser Software
Frank Morgan's MAA Math Chat Column
The Contest Center's Math Page
Programming Puzzle Forum
Dave's Logic Puzzles
Macalester College Problems of the Week
Albert L. Delgado's Puzzle of the Week (Bradley Univ.)
Birmingham's Mathematics Puzzle of the Week
Daily Jumble Puzzles
Tim Edmonds' Primrose Puzzles Page
Jongmin Baeks' Math & Puzzles Page
Lateral Thinking Puzzles Forum
Math Forum's list of Puzzles of the Week
Geometry Forum: Problem of the Week
Geometry Forum: Project of the Month
20,000 Problems Under the Sea
Kevin Brown's Math Pages
Knot a Braid of [Math] Links
USA Mathematical Talent Search
Erich Friedman's Math Magic
All-Soviet-Union mathematical competitions 1961-1986
Uncle Bob (Mead)'s Puzzles
The Prime Problems and Puzzles Connection
Stephen Sproule's lists of Problems of the Week
Links to Cryptarithms
Dijit Consulting's Brainteaser
University of Louisville's "Reason Mathematically"
Puzzle sites hosted by John Rausch
Puzzle University - 1001 uses for a playful brain
Panthera's Puzzle Contest
Yoogi Logic games and Puzzles
Cut The Knot's Puzzles
The rec.puzzles archive
The CarTalk Weekly Puzzler
The Case Weekly Mystery
amUous Mind Puzzles
Mathematics Problem Solving Task Centres
The Mathcad Puzzler
The Ultimate Puzzle Site
Aenigmatica (With link to English version)
NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle
The Black Stump Puzzle Page
The Grey Labrynth
On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Meriam-Webster Dictionary (you can search on wildcards like *dous)
Jumble and Crossword Solver
Dilbert's Daily Mental Workout
Mike Winckler's Puzzle of the Week
Sites that reference Ken Duisenberg's Puzzle of the Week
Trioker/Triominos Puzzles (French)
Web Wizard's Math Challenge
Slide Rule's Mind Games
The PCTM Puzzle of the Week
Chris Long's Think & Derive Page
Oriel D. Maxime's Homepage
James Cole's CraftyPuzzles (wooden brainteasers)
A dictionary of words (to search for letter combinations)